Source Sound has been providing high-end audio services to the Hollywood film and gaming communities for more than 25 years. Entering the virtual reality industry in early 2014, Source Sound promptly became the number one provider of high quality spatial audio for virtual reality experiences worldwide. Source Sound combines creativity, innovation and technical ingenuity across all genres of VR filmmaking, from live events to interactive content and beyond.

Virtual Reality Audio Experiences

Source Sound has created spatial audio design and mixing for over 50 linear and game engine based virtual reality experiences.

Live Broadcast Virtual Reality

Source Sound is the sole embedded spatial audio solution for Nokia’s Stereoscopic Virtual Reality Broadcast initiative, providing ongoing product development support to Nokia R+D.

Virtual Reality Location Audio Services

Source Sound is the global leader of Cinematic VR audio, providing on-set spatial audio capture, design and mixing for a variety of studios, production and distribution companies worldwide.

In addition to Virtual Reality, Source Sound is well established in traditional media.

AAA Game Audio

Source Sound are world leaders in the AAA Game audio space, providing cinematic sound design and mixing for top franchises including Star Wars: Battlefront, Halo Master Chief, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Need For Speed and many more.

Theatrical Marketing

Source Sound provides the highest level of sound finishing services found in the business for Warner Brothers, Universal, and 20th Century Fox Theatrical Marketing Groups

For more information on our traditional media services, please visit us @ www.sourcesound.com

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